History & Sights

“Helena” is the name of my grandmother. She lived in this building together with her son, my father. Here he was raised the first years of his life, discovering the area around him. Back then and also now Podgórze offers a lot of discoveries to make. For example

the old mound Krakus (polish: Kopiec Krakusa) as the largest prehistoric mound in Europe, offering an excellent view over the city

or the triangular market square “Rynek Podgórski” with the impressive St. Joseph church in its centre.

Because Podgórze was changed into a jewish ghetto from 1941-1943 my family was forced to leave the place. Today historical traces of the German occupation and terror of the Second World War like the near-by Oskar Schindler factory museum or the Ghetto Heroes Square are still reminding of those times.

If you are interested in contemporary art do not miss to visit MOCAK! Builded in 2010 it is THE museum for the latest international art in Kraków and it is located in Podgórze…

…and if you want to know more about Helena, read the full Helena’s Story!

To the city centre with its beautiful Rynek Glowny (Main Square) or castle Wawel you can take the tram and be there within 15 minutes and to Krakows old jewish district Kazimiersz and nowadays the-place-to-be with all its small shops, bars and restaurants you just have to cross the bridge over the river Vistula.

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